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Ready To Stop the Insanity of Coping and Get Lasting Emotional Relief?
You've coped long enough with pain that doesn't find relief.  You've struggled enough with therapy, EFT, releasing, meditation.  Its time to stop the insanity of revisiting the same pains over and over.
What if I told you that all of that trauma, pain, fear and anxiety can finally be ended, all by following the sensations in your body in a structured way? 

It may sound crazy, but there is a way.

And I can provide you with the exact process to create that, BUT...without the right set of steps, without the proper wording, and without the proper understanding, all your effort will be useless to you. 

If you'd like to...
  • Live Free of Old Trauma (like abandonment, abuse, neglect, rejection)
  • Feel Confidence without the mental effort to force it
  • Feel relief from the negative chatter in your head
  • Find lasting peace with your fears
  • Take action towards those dreams you've been talking and dreaming about
  • Get the relationship experience you've ached for
  • Experience more "space in your brain"
  • Live with calmness
  • Be free of shame, insecurity and self-doubt
Then you're literally one click away from downloading the exact technique that unleashes your healing and brings to an end the coping that's been draining your energy, your happiness, and your enthusiasm.

You see... coping is what you've been taught to do.  You've been told that this is what healing is.  Its to feel the pain, the dread, the anxiety, the shame, the doubt, AND do things anyway. 

Stuff like Tapping (EFT), or Releasing, or Talk therapy - they all help us prepare our minds for change.  They help us analyze, release and explore.  But they do not bring lasting resolution or CLOSURE to the pain.
So let me get right to the point here....

If you're not experiencing shifts in your healing...

If you're still wresting with the pain after therapy....

If you're still reading self-help book after self-help book...

If you still feel chained and trapped and controlled by your past... YOU ARE NOT HEALING.  YOU ARE COPING.

See, we've got a natural ability to heal, but our current therapy models and approaches do not access this.  Its not that those methods are ineffective.  Its that they are not designed to produce healing.  They're designed to produce understanding.

This means that you've been trained to analyze and inspect your feelings, thoughts, actions, etc, with the hope that through that awareness you will shift emotionally. 

This, though, doesn't happen frequently, or when it does, it has taken years of effort, money, and time. 

You don't have to wait years to be free of your pain.  You don't need to spend hours and hours and hours in therapy for it.  You don't need to cope with the panic attacks, with the grief, with the anxiety, with the shame, with the depressed feelings anymore. 

All you need is the right steps, in the right order, with the right understanding, to achieve real, potent, deep, lasting healing
The Most Effective Technique For Achieving QUICK Closure to Any Pain
This is the same technique that caused me to go from being scared shitless (yep, I swear a bit) of who I am, struggling with daily panic attacks, wallowing in despair and fear, and self-sabotaging my own efforts,  to being a thriving, successful life coach that is engaged in the community, achieving my personal desires (like restoring cars or making a serious impact in the world), to being an involved father with my two kiddos, and showing up to parties, feeling like I am WANTED and that I BELONG...

You've got dreams. You sit and wonder about them.  You crave them. You hunger for their achievement.  You make plans.  Maybe you even put together a team and start taking action.  and BAM!

That shame shows up.  Or the fear of rejection swallows up your confidence and floods your thoughts.  Or insecurity crushes your hopes.

You shrink from your beautiful, powerful potential, shaking in disappointment, frustration and feeling powerless....again. 

I know how that is.

Worrying about other people's opinions stopped me from dating women I wanted to.  It stopped me from being an excellent life coach.  It stopped me from going to see movies I wanted to see (talk about intense!)

Maybe you'd like to ask out that cute guy or gal you've been watching.  Or you have a business you'd love to open.  Or a book you'd want to write. 

Maybe you just want a new hair style and want to NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK, right?

As humans, we're conditioned to feel powerless, to feel small, and to be trapped.   Just look at how marketing tries to scare you into buying the latest diet or fad. 

Or look at the things you want to do, and the huge amount of effort it takes to get past the fear and anxiety...
Here's Just a LITTLE of What You're About To Discover..
The Secret Reason Why You're Still Stuck and NOT Healing -  You need to know this so you can break free of this unnecessary habit

The ESSENTIAL step that liberates you from trying to figure out what you're feeling and why, but insteads gets you fast clarity and insight into why you're feeling what you are

How Your Triggers Are Your Easiest Gateway to Transforming Your Pain into Peace, into Confidence, and More

Healing Explained and Decoded!
  If you know exactly what healing looks like, you'll know how approach your healing and what to expect

The Number #1 Reason People Don't Heal (and what to do about it)

How to Know Who You are Beyond Your Pain and Align Your Life Based on Your Dreams Rather Than your Fears
(its easier than you think!)

The 6-Step Process that brings Deep closure,
  eliminating your fear, your anxiety, your insecurity, your sadness, the feeling of being worthless, and more...
What People Are Saying About The Closure Technique™
(Also Called the "Restoration Approach™")
And more.... (from emails and chats)...Some are anonymous or initialed for privacy

"I feel less like the circumstances of my childhood will inevitably continue to adversely impact my life"  R.

"Just taking some time this morning breathing into how surrealistically awesome my life is. ❤️
And comparing it to two months ago when I wasn't sure I had a reason to go on living.
A disorienting shift but so welcome. Can't help but to thank you some more. ❤️" "- W.  

"I find myself no longer struggling with procrastination. I feel like I have space in my brain!" A.

"I feel a stronger sense of myself than I ever have.  I don't have the inner critic yelling at me anymore.  Its silent."  L. D.

Here's What You're Going to Get with The Closure Technique Mastery Course:
#1: 13 Video Modules Making You a Master of the Technique
Learn How the Technique Works and How To Apply It to YOU With Me Taking You Step-by-Step. 

There are over 13 Mondules of Instruction, Including:
  • How to Use Each Step Most Effectively FOR YOU
  •  How to Customize the Steps For The Best Result FOR YOU
  •  What Pitfalls and Challenges to Watch Out For
  • How to Navigate "Nesting" - A Common Challenge that Creates Powerful Results
  • What To Do What You Get Stuck, Frustrated, or Not Seeing Results
     And More..
Here's the Course Index:
#2: MP3 Guides and Loops
Customize and Make the Audio Guides FLEXIBLE to YOUR NEEDS By Having Each Step Available In MP3 Loops.

This allows you to:
  • Take the Time You Need In Each Step to Get the Deepest Results Possible
  • Practice the Steps So You Can Do This Anytime, Anywhere (except when you're driving!)
  • Have Access to Them Anywhere, Anytime
  • Achieve Quicker Results and Make Lasting Change An Actual Reality
#3: Access to My Growing Library of Case Studies & Session Samples
Learn from the journeys of others and how the Technique has impacted their lives short-term and long-term. 

These studies will be updated every few months, and more will be added.

If you want to be a case-study, enroll and then request to be one.  You'll be entitled to one-on-one sessions with me for a period of 90 days (up to 6 sessions) if you're chosen!

Also, listen to live sessions and see how the Technique is used for these individuals!  This gives you insight into how things are done and what happens in sessions.
#4: Custom Guides
I give you the exact questions that bring laser-targeted memories for your deepest transformations possible, all while guiding you through the Technique.

This is EXCLUSIVE to The Closure Technique Mastery Course and is not available anywhere else.

Further, you will get new ones monthly!

Currently, there are 7, covering:
  • Rejection
  • Shame
  •  Powerlessness in Money
  •  Insecurity
  •  Failure
  •  Heart-break
  •  Powerlessness
#5: Life-time Access to Updates and Advances & My Exclusive Facebook Support Group
The Closure Technique isn't new, but the use of it is. 

You'll be entitled to life-time updates to the course material, including:
  • New Audio Versions
  •  New Custom Guides
  •  New Instruction PDFs
  •  New Case-studies
  •  Additional Training
And you won't be doing the Technique alone!  You'll have exclusive access to my Facebook support group where you can ask questions, get in one free classes on using the Technique, and more!
You Get All This For:
  Just $347.00  $197.00
I'm only charging $67.00 for The Closure Technique Mastery Course & Bundled of Guided Closures for 3 reasons:

1.  $67.00 puts you in reach of real lasting change in your life.  Its only the cost of a few cups of coffee, a movie and a date

2. I want more change in the world - real change - and your testimonials about that change

3. I've seen this save lives.  The next one may be yours.  Happiness is something you have a right to
You're literally one click away from downloading the exact training & technique that creates that unleashes your natural-born ability to heal and THRIVE. 

Bring to an end the coping that's been draining your energy, your happiness and your enthusiasm. Click the "Buy Now" below, and take the leap.
Get Lasting Relief From Your Heart-ache, Shame, Fear of Rejection, Procrastination, Low Self-esteem, Guilt for Saying No,  Guilt for Saying Yes, Fearing the Unknown, Old Traumas, and More For:
  Just $347.00 $197.00
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